AquaFlex Holdings LLC (AF) was incorporated in 2016 by Scott C. Smith, an inventor and technology leader in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) foams. Mr. Smith founded AF as a holding company given the portfolio of intellectual properties (IP) he owns and controls. AF is marketing innovative products in different vertical businesses such as oil-spill recovery, water-quality testing and remediation.

Building on a long history of commercial successes, Mr. Smith launched sorbent products based on open-cell foam which BP America purchased in 2010 to reclaim spilled oil from the Deepwater Horizon Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Given the sorbent’s unique properties to absorb and release oil, BP reused the AF foam 25 times. Reclaiming oil dramatically reduced the cost of cleanup.

After deploying open-cell foam in the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Smith and his partners deployed products on over 60 major oil and chemical disasters. Working closely with customers, Mr. Smith has discovered that his foams can absorb a wide range of toxicants such as metals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and bacteria. Recently, Mr. Smith gained national notoriety working in Flint, Michigan where he found a range of pollutants in the water, beyond lead.

In Flint, Mr. Smith deployed a special product called the Water Bug, which provides superior performance over the legacy “grab sample” method for testing water. The Water Bug enables testing over time rather than an instantaneous sample. The Bug also yields more accurate results wherein the grab sample can often produce false-negative readings.

Additionally, Mr. Smith introduced enhanced testing processes to sample premise water at the meter, hot water heater and shower/bath tub locations. Mr. Smith’s improved system is becoming accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as innovative IP and deployment processes.   

Subsequently, the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) executed an alliance agreement with AF. The UA-AF alliance provides UA members with exclusive rights to deploy the Water Bug in water testing situations.

April 5, 2017 Mr. Smith co-presented at EPA Region 5 RRT Meeting wherein the Water Bug system was presented as a “best available technology”