Water Testing

AquaFlex Holdings LLC (AF) provides clients with an innovative and accurate water testing services. The AF tool for water testing is the WaterBug (WB) Kit, which includes proprietary, open-cell foam.

In addition to WB deployment, AF has developed and enhanced water testing processes for cooling towers and in-premise water systems. The AF approach has been effective to detect pollutants missed by the traditional grab sample system.

For example, in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil-spill crisis, AF open-cell foam was used to detect (and fingerprint) Deepwater-Horizon, oil droplets in the water column, while the US Coast Guard was reporting the “oil was gone.”

In Flint, Michigan in 2016 AF technology was used to detect chloroform, a dangerous volatile organic compound (VOC) in showers. The importance of this detection is that: 1) the WB foam can detect VOCs while grab samples can all too often have “false negative” results; 2) the shower water was tested, which is a new but necessary process. Standard procedure calls for testing only cold water in only the kitchen sink which unfortunately does not provide a complete assessment of water quality within the building or home.

For more about the innovative use of the WB technology, contact AF.

Expert Analysis

AF principals have a combined 70 years of analytical experience. As indicated above, AF can bring to bear the most advanced water testing process which exposes pollutants in the water that may be missed by traditional testing technology and processes. As a result of deploying the AF technology, AF principals are available to provide clients with expert analysis of water conditions.

Engineered Solutions

For clients, AF provides customized engineered remediation solutions that incorporate AF foam products. For example, for laundromats on Long Island, New York, AF has provided foam designs to filter out especially oils and greases which can compromise activated carbon filters.

If you have issues with water filtering, contact AF.


AF has conducted a range of research projects for clients. AF has been present at over 60 major oil and chemical spills across North America. The AF foam has been used to assess water conditions providing guidance for remediation.